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with love

My shipping envelopes come from the wonderful Eco Enclose. I'm currently working through the last of their 100% recycled padded mailers.


Once I've run out of those, I'll be shipping in their apparel mailers, which are plastic-free, curbside recyclable, made in the USA, and made with 97% post-consumer waste that has been diverted from landfills!


I'm on my last box of non-recycled jewelry boxes, at which point I'll be switching to  Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Jewelry Boxes.


The box board is on average 80% post consumer materials, filled with a non-tarnishing recycled fiber insert and manufactured with renewable hydroelectric energy. 

For bigger things like earring racks, I am usually able to cobble together a shipping box from my collection of boxes I hoard like a little troll :)


I ship on Saturdays! Orders placed by midnight on Thursday will be shipped the following Saturday. Fridays are for packing :)

That means if you place your order earlier in the week, it will take longer to ship than if you place it later in the week. I'm currently a one-person show with 0 employees, and I usually have a toddler in tow on my trips to the Post Office.

Big box stores like Amazon have established quick shipping, but small businesses like mine really appreciate your patience! 

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